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error dump database oozie postgres


error dump database oozie postgres

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I have Oozie in HA with HAPROXY, and its working fine, but I am trying to migrate the database, so, but I have received the next error

pg_dump -C -p xxxx -h xxxxxxxx -U "xxxxxxx" "xxxxxxxx" > /tmp/oozie_db_backup.$(date +%Y%m%d)
pg_dump: [archiver (db)] query failed: ERROR:  relation "pgxc_class" does not exist
LINE 1: ...ace) AS reltablespace, (SELECT pclocatortype from pgxc_class...
pg_dump: [archiver (db)] query was: SELECT c.tableoid, c.oid, c.relname, c.relacl, c.relkind, c.relnamespace, (SELECT rolname FROM pg_catalog.pg_roles WHERE oid = c.relowner) AS rolname, c.relchecks, c.relhastriggers, c.relhasindex, c.relhasrules, c.relhasoids, c.relfrozenxid, tc.oid AS toid, tc.relfrozenxid AS tfrozenxid, c.relpersistence, CASE WHEN c.reloftype <> 0 THEN c.reloftype::pg_catalog.regtype ELSE NULL END AS reloftype, d.refobjid AS owning_tab, d.refobjsubid AS owning_col, (SELECT spcname FROM pg_tablespace t WHERE t.oid = c.reltablespace) AS reltablespace, (SELECT pclocatortype from pgxc_class v where v.pcrelid = c.oid) AS pgxclocatortype,(SELECT pcattnum from pgxc_class v where v.pcrelid = c.oid) AS pgxcattnum,(SELECT string_agg(node_name,',') AS pgxc_node_names from pgxc_node n where n.oid in (select unnest(nodeoids) from pgxc_class v where v.pcrelid=c.oid) ) , array_to_string(c.reloptions, ', ') AS reloptions, array_to_string(array(SELECT 'toast.' || x FROM unnest(tc.reloptions) x), ', ') AS toast_reloptions FROM pg_class c LEFT JOIN pg_depend d ON (c.relkind = 'S' AND d.classid = c.tableoid AND d.objid = c.oid AND d.objsubid = 0 AND d.refclassid = c.tableoid AND d.deptype = 'a') LEFT JOIN pg_class tc ON (c.reltoastrelid = tc.oid) WHERE c.relkind in ('r', 'S', 'v', 'c', 'f') ORDER BY c.oid

Any suggestion?? its very strange.

Many thanks

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