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error ocurred during the file system check

New Contributor

cannot start the horton web works in virtual box , i get an error /dev/mapper/vg_sandbox-lv_root: unexpected inconsistency :run fsck manually. (i.e,. without -a or -p options) [failed] an error ocurred during the file system check dropping you to a shell the system will reboot when u leave the shell give root password for maintenance 9 or type control -d to continue):-



@J william you probably shut down the VM unexpectedly, run the fsck and reboot. Worst case re-import the VM.


@Artem Ervits your solution worked for me. Thanks


Excellent, please accept the answer to close the thread.

@J william

There can be several reasons for this..clock time or something wrong with the vm itself.

Options to solve:

1) Do some research on this error and see if there is known issue or do check your system clock

2) Delete vm and make sure that you delete the files too while deleting the vm. Import the image and boot the system. Do check the local system time settings.