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error when removing Hbase


Ambari Version: 2.6.1

HDP Version: 2.6.4

I stopped Hbase from Ambari

I then told it to delete the service

confirmed the delete action

I then got


500 Status Code recieved on DELETE Method API:


Error Message: Service Error"

At this point Ambari became unresponsive and I needed to stop and start ambari-server.

I was then able to view Ambari and Hbase was no longer listed as a service, If I look on the name node I still see hbase folders in /etc/ though so I'm not convinced it's all been removed, how can I be sure and where can I look to get more info on what went wrong?

As the cluster name suggests this is a testing cluster and I can restore it back to before the service was removed and re-run the process if there are alternative ways to process this to make it clean. I want to get a process designed on the development cluster before trying this on the main one.