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error while executing pig script

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I am using Hortonworks Data Cloud on AWS. I have created cluster with one master node and one worker node with m4.xlarge instance type.

when i am trying to execute the pig script it throws following error:

File /user/admin/pig/jobs/sc1_26-02-2018-10-27-46/stdout not found.
File /user/admin/pig/jobs/sc1_26-02-2018-10-27-46/stderr not found.

I tried follwoing command to give execute permission to the pig job directory in hdfs:

hdfs dfs -setfacl -R -m default:user:admin:rwx /user/admin/pig/jobs/

But it diddn't work.

Please suggest me how can I get over this issue.



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Does the dir /user/admin exist in hdfs?

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@Harald Berghoff yes, /user/admin is there in hdfs.

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