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exceptions of zookeeper and kafka


exceptions of zookeeper and kafka

New Contributor

Hi, team,

I have uploaded the atlas properties and the exceptions that we see from application log when we start atlas. Please suggest the root cause of those exceptions. The version of atlas is 0.8.1-rrelease



Re: exceptions of zookeeper and kafka

Expert Contributor
@Amanda Hua

Thanks for opening the ticket.

Based on my research the errors in logs seem to be a known issue with embedded mode. Please take a look at this.

As resolution, i would suggest following options:

  • Using external HBase and Solr5.
  • If you are looking to use Atlas for experimentation, try using BerkeleyDB and Elastic search combination. Use the attached properties file (rename it to and drop it in the conf directory).
  • Also try downloading HDP sandbox if you wish to investigate features of Atlas and test out the integrations with Ranger and Hive