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fail to schedule PROCESS (in Falcon web UI)


There's a problem to run cleanseEmailProcess schedule. (HDB Sandbox version: Hadoop 2.3.2)

During exercise with falcon tutorial(process data pipeline with apache falcon), I failed to run schedule PROCESS.

There's no problem to run schedule FEED, it's only PROCESS schedule issue.

And, Could you tell me command line API to run schedule PROCESS?

<<web ui notification message:>>

Default/ org.apache.falcon.FalconWebException: org.apache.falcon.FalconException

Entity schedule failed for PROCESS: rowEmailIngestProcess.

thank you. 🙂



I have one more question.

I scheduled falcon process, but "rawEmailIngestProcess" failed.

/var/log/falcon.application.log file has no ERROR, Exception message.

Where can I find the log file about job schedule?

And I just followed falcon tutorial, I don't know why the process failed. ("cleansedEmailProcess" is still waiting status)


Rising Star

Hi @Hanna Lee : Select the instance, and click on Log. You should be able to see basic logs on why this instance failed. You can get the job-id from the log, and look directly into Oozie to get more information. Please let me know what the log says.