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finalizeUpgrade: Could not finalize one or more JournalNodes

we are before the upgrade to version 2.6.4 ( our current version 2.6.0 )

and after we installed all ambari pkgs & we do all steps that need according to hortonworks doc

the last step is to do hdfs dfsadmin -finalizeUpgrade

but we got the following error ( can we ignore it ? )

[root@master02 install_zone]# su -l hdfs -c "hdfs dfsadmin -finalizeUpgrade"
finalizeUpgrade: Could not finalize one or more JournalNodes. 2 successful responses:


what is in the logs on those nodes? is there additional information? We have seen this, but we have always had additional information to narrow down the cause.

little strange , we not found logs for this specific error , not on ambari-server , and not on ambari-afent , also not under /var/log/haddop/...


@Matt we search this issue in the logs - hadoop-hdfs-journalnode-master ....... but we not found anything regarding this problem

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