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folders created by nifi is not accessible


folders created by nifi is not accessible

New Contributor

Nifi running in HDF cluster is creating floder in HDFS cluster in HDP.


In HDFS(HDP) cluster when i give commoand hdfs dfs -ls /user

I am able to see the the folder created by nifi.


when i try to access that folder hdfs dfs -ls /user/IotTest

I get error message No such file or directory


Note: both HDP and HDF are running VMware in single machine




[enter image description here][1]

Please find snapshot


Re: folders created by nifi is not accessible

Master Collaborator

@palaaniappan Does the nifi user exist on the HDP Node?


If not, you could try to create the user.


Next sudo to the user and execute the HDFS Command.



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Re: folders created by nifi is not accessible


Hi @palaaniappan ,

According to your screenshot I suspect there are invisible characters (new-line, tab, space, etc.) present in the name of your folder - see how there is a new line present after your IoT folders, but no new-lines for other folders.

Please check your NiFi processors and make sure the file paths for creating the folders are correct. Sometimes when copy-pasting between different windows you might inadvertently paste some invisible characters as well.

Kind regards,


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