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from_unixtime resolves incorrectly


I am on CDH 5.4.8 all servers running NTP and set to GMT


I found something very interesting with hive  Hive 1.1.0-cdh5.4.8

running on hive the following command (via CLI)

select from_unixtime(1447546491); 

resolves as 2015-11-14 18:14:51


while the same command in impala 

select from_unixtime(1447546491); 

resolves correctly as 

2015-11-15 00:14:51


which is the same as unix and


While I would like to get away from Hive - I still have somethings that I rely on 


is this a bug or a feature or is there a TZ setting I need to consider?



Yea there are some inconsistencies in Hive, see the current behavior Hive Wiki and some potential improvements like see HIVE-12193 at a later point.


With that maybe HiveCLI being set to another timezone is the only explanation I can think of, although you mentioned server machines are set to GMT/UTC, so I'm not too sure, maybe worth to double-check.