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getting error in hive after using LEFT OUTER JOIN


getting error in hive after using LEFT OUTER JOIN

New Contributor

I am getting below error after adding the left outer join on the below query. . The sub query is working fine but it is failing when we are using the left outer join with the following error .Can someone help on this.

FAILED: ParseException line 15:44 mismatched input '<EOF>' expecting ) near 'xlatlongname' in subquery source

select c.*,

tmp.xlatlongname as po_transmission_medium

from fin_dsssspnd_prd_tbls.dl_po_commit c

left outer join

(SELECT a.business_unit,a.po_id,a.disp_method,a.chng_ord_batch,b.xlatlongname`

FROM fin_ps_prd_tbls.ps_po_dispatched a,fin_ps_prd_tbls.PSXLATITEM b

JOIN (SELECT po_id,business_unit,MAX(chng_ord_batch) AS id FROM fin_ps_prd_tbls.ps_po_dispatched

GROUP BY po_id,business_unit) max

ON a.chng_ord_batch = and

a.po_id = max.po_id and

a. business_unit = max.business_unit

where a.disp_method=b.field value and

b.fieldname = 'DISP_METHOD') tmp

on tmp.po_id=c.po_number and