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git webhook

git webhook

New Contributor

Using CDSW 1.1.1, this is an enterprise on-premise deployment on our own cloud. Our GitHub server is also on-premise enterprise deployment on our own cloud. 


For a particular project on CDSW I am able to always go to console and run `git pull` or `git push`. However, I am unable to get the webhook to work such that when I update my local repo and do a `git push` it would trigger a payload to the CDSW and update the repo on the project as well.


I have added the Git Webhook url from my project CDSW to GitHub (repo > Settings > Hooks) my SSH is also setup between CDSW and GitHub (hence the command line `git` commands work from the Console in CDSW). But the response from the webhook is always: 403 Forbidden.