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hbase encryption supported versions


I looked at article published by Hortonworks support, named How to encrypt column family in HBase?

At the bottom of the article it shows these versions:

Version: 2-6-1, 2-6, 2-6-3, 2-6-4, H3-0-0, 2-6-5, HDP2-6-2

Does this mean you recommend using Hbase encryption only in those versions?

Also, is there a prefered way of encrypting Hbase? Using hdfs encryption zones or hbase server encryption?



HDP certifies HBase using HDFS encryption zones, not the HBase-provided encryption feature. We recommend you use HDFS encryption zones for encryption of HBase data-at-rest.


Thanks Josh. Is it in the product map to certify Hbase-provided encryption? For existing clusters, to encrypt data, Hbase provided encryption entails much smaller downtime. We have 430tb, and to distcp to encrypted zone would take many hours, if not days. With Hbase, we can run major compact online during low peak hours.