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hbase-indexer-sentry usage


hbase-indexer-sentry usage


I'm setting up Lily NRT indexing for HBase, per:


On CDH6.1.1. 


The cluster has kerberos enabled, so I've been through the security steps - we don't have any existing sentry policy files since it's new. This isn't really my area so the usage of hbase-indexer-sentry isn't the clearest to me, I assume my objective is to create a new role:


hbase-indexer-sentry -cr index_admin 

Then I have existing AD groups I would want to associate with this role, say

hbase-indexer-sentry -agr cloudera_solr_admins

Obviously these commands fail because I'm not specifying which service this is used for.


A couple questions:

(1) Do I need to perform the above (assuming I'm a member of cloudera_solr_admins, in this case) in order to be able to create an indexer? If I try to create an indexer at the moment I get a 401 response.

(2) What is the service in this context? i.e., what am I passing to -s...