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hbase region splitting : Keyprefixregionsplitpolicy

hbase region splitting : Keyprefixregionsplitpolicy

I am using Keyprefixregionsplitpolicy for the hbase table , and i have too many regions getting created even with data size in Kb though . As per hortonworks documentation it mentions " KeyPrefixRegionSplitPolicy is a curious addition to the HBase arsenal. You can configure the length of the prefix for your row keys for grouping them, and this split policy ensures that the regions are not split in the middle of a group of rows having the same prefix. If you have set prefixes for your keys, then you can use this split policy to ensure that rows having the same rowkey prefix always end up in the same region. " but I have doubt that does same rowkey prefix lands into one region and other types of prefix rows lands in different region . I mean does it maps one to one mapping on basis of prefix rows like for every prefix rows it maps to region by region ,

e.g :

prefix1_rows1 ---region1

prefix2_rows2 --- region2

and so on

reference :

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Anurag Mishra