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hbase stops working after enabling atlas

New Contributor

Setup the HDP sandbox container on docker for windows. After starting the container hbase works fine, but after enabling atlas the hbase master/region server stops after a while with alters. Restarting hbase works for sometime but not always. I'm using HDP 2.6.5 version of the sandbox container. Copying the hbase logs below in case it helps, any tips to resolve would be much appreciated.

hbase log attached


Rising Star
@Test User

Looks like there is some problem with your regionserver going down :

Region server,16020,1532968226113 reported a fatal error

Do you have enough memory on your sandbox container to run all the components ?

New Contributor

Yes, I've allocated 12+ gb to the entire HDP sandbox container of which, I've 2.75 gb for hbase master and 2.25 gb for region server max memory respectively. Should that be sufficient to run the container and hbase?

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