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hbase table cannot be created

hbase table cannot be created


Hi all,

I installed CDH5 on three servers with a cluster which has one namenode and two datanodes, including all services installed.

Now browsed Hbase service through Hue web UI, there are no example hbase tables 'analytics' and 'events', just empty:

empty hhbase.png

It turns out that HBase browser cannot be installed (got stuck).

I tried to create a simple hbase table like this:

Hbase table not created web.png

However, it got stuck and always showed creating...

Also I tried to create through command like this:

  hbase(main):012:0* create 'test', 'cf'

It shows error like this:

ERROR: 60000 millis timeout while waiting for channel to be ready for read. ch : java.nio.channels.SocketChannel[connected local=/]

Here is some help for this command:
Creates a table. Pass a table name, and a set of column family
specifications (at least one), and, optionally, table configuration.
Column specification can be a simple string (name), or a dictionary
(dictionaries are described below in main help output), necessarily
including NAME attribute.

Create a table with namespace=ns1 and table qualifier=t1
  hbase> create 'ns1:t1', {NAME => 'f1', VERSIONS => 5}

Create a table with namespace=default and table qualifier=t1
  hbase> create 't1', {NAME => 'f1'}, {NAME => 'f2'}, {NAME => 'f3'}
  hbase> # The above in shorthand would be the following:
  hbase> create 't1', 'f1', 'f2', 'f3'
  hbase> create 't1', {NAME => 'f1', VERSIONS => 1, TTL => 2592000, BLOCKCACHE => true}
  hbase> create 't1', {NAME => 'f1', CONFIGURATION => {'hbase.hstore.blockingStoreFiles' => '10'}}
Table configuration options can be put at the end.

  hbase> create 'ns1:t1', 'f1', SPLITS => ['10', '20', '30', '40']
  hbase> create 't1', 'f1', SPLITS => ['10', '20', '30', '40']
  hbase> create 't1', 'f1', SPLITS_FILE => 'splits.txt', OWNER => 'johndoe'
  hbase> create 't1', {NAME => 'f1', VERSIONS => 5}, METADATA => { 'mykey' => 'myvalue' }
  hbase> # Optionally pre-split the table into NUMREGIONS, using
  hbase> # SPLITALGO ("HexStringSplit", "UniformSplit" or classname)
  hbase> create 't1', 'f1', {NUMREGIONS => 15, SPLITALGO => 'HexStringSplit'}
  hbase> create 't1', 'f1', {NUMREGIONS => 15, SPLITALGO => 'HexStringSplit', CONFIGURATION => {'hbase.hregion.scan.loadColumnFamiliesOnDemand' => 'true'}}

You can also keep around a reference to the created table:

  hbase> t1 = create 't1', 'f1'

Which gives you a reference to the table named 't1', on which you can then
call methods.


I dont know how to fix this problem, anyone please help.
Thanks in advance.





Re: hbase table cannot be created

Master Guru
Have you tried to restart HBase service? Its likely your HMaster isn't serving properly yet. Cleaning up the /hbase ZK znode may also help.

The information provided on the description isn't adequate for us to make a conclusive statement. Checking the HMaster logs may help further.