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hdfs dfs -ls show up local system files

hdfs dfs -ls show up local system files

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HI, everyone



CM version : 5.5.1 

CDH version: the latest version


as i have tested, some machines can't show up hdfs files by hdfs dfs -ls .  it shows up wanrings like not set fs.default.   


after get these messages, i am going to check core-site.xml in /etc/hadoop/conf.  the result is if the core-site.xml is empty,then can't show up hdfs files. i have tested many machines, if the machine role is not zk, HDFS then the core-site.xml is empty, i need add contents in core-site.xml and hdfs-site.xml manually . this kind case doesn't happend in previous version.


who can give me some advises for this issue, since i don't want to add the contents in core-site and hdfs-site for so many machines.


Re: hdfs dfs -ls show up local system files

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You need Gateway roles deployed to have proper configurations for client tools. Without these, the default configuration files remain empty.

Please do the below:

CM -> Clusters -> Your Cluster -> YARN (or MapReduce, or HDFS) -> Instances -> Add Role Instances (button) -> Select all your hosts as Gateway role type -> Proceed and save.
CM -> Clusters -> Your Cluster -> Actions -> Deploy Client Configuration