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hdfs, hadoop and hive command not found, HDP-2.4


hdfs, hadoop and hive command not found, HDP-2.4

On this hortonworks sandbox, I have installed XAMPP server to run my front end scripts which in backend will talk to hadoop services like HBase and Hive, etc. In installing XAMPP server, the only thing I did was - sudo service httpd stop to start the xamp services. However now on this same box, I am not able to communicate with Hive, Hadoop, etc. This is the error it's throwing (:-) -bash: (hadoop): command not found

similarly for ambari.

Can some one help me understand what is the trouble I have caused, and how do I go on to fix it. I think the PATH_VARIABLE has been changed or something. Can some help, please ?


Re: hdfs, hadoop and hive command not found, HDP-2.4

Super Mentor

@Aditya Kumar Roy

Looks like you are not using the correct ssh port (2222) to login to the sandbox that why the commands is missing.

You must do ssh to the Sandbox only on port 2222 and then you should be able to access all those commands without any issues.


# ssh root@ -p 2222


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