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hdp 2.6.1 ssh


I installed the last version of HDP Sandbox.But I am facing issues while trying to ssh it . Currently after I get the following message from the virtual box saying that I can access the webbrowser in port 8888 , I ssh with the command

ssh root@ -p 2222

the problem is that I get the connection to [root@sandbox-host ~]#

I can not access the root@sandbox ~

Anyone faced the same issue ?



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@Haifa Ben Aouicha

I am not sure what do you mean by "I can not access the root@sandbox ~"

After doing successful SSH, Which command are you trying ? Are you getting any message in the terminal (Putty)?

Have you tried using the WebTerminal ? :

The Default "root" password should be "hadoop"


If you want to access the Sandbox with some hostname like "" Or "sandbox" then you will have to make the "/etc/hosts" file entry in your Local machine from where you are trying to do the SSH. More details on this can be found at:

If on mac or linux, added to your /private/etc/hosts file
If on windows 7, added to your /c/Windows/System32/Drivers/etc/hosts file


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just add -v

ssh -v root@ -p 2222 


Hi @Haifa Ben Aouicha , you have mentioned that you get connected to [root@sandbox-host ~]#. This is the docker container/sandbox on which all the hadoop tools are installed. Now, my question is what do you mean by root@sandbox ~ ?

If you mean the VM that hosts the docker, then you can use

ssh -p 2122 root@localhost

you will get connected to [root@sandbox-host ~]# again but now you are logged into the VM that hosts the docker container. You can verify by

docker ps

That will list all the containers running, you will find sandbox-hdp there. If this doesn't answer your question, please elaborate your question.