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hive 2.3.2 with HDP 3.0

Master Collaborator

with HDP 3.0 it install hive 3.1 but i want hive 2.3 , is it possible to replace hive3.1 with hive2.3 ?

if yes how ?



@Sami Ahmad

HDP packaged software version is a mesh of software that has been thoroughly tested and are compatible with the software of the same HDP release. Hive 2.3 will definitely have compatibility issues with other HDP 3.0 components and if you are running a production environment you might not be covered if you encounter issues HWX support because of incompatibility should they discover you tweaked some software version the HWX matrix is strict and contractually binding.

Even if you succeeded in installing the hive 2.3 any future HDP upgrade will be a nightmare because the software release wasn't tested against each other which could lead to a cascade of errors.

Having said that HWX doesn't support downgrading or upgrading a unique component as the whole package software has to pass rigorous testing for compatibility.

Having said that you may try installing a standalone hive environment and copy the hive-site.xml to connect it to your cluster

Master Collaborator

so there will be two metastores? how can I "connect it to my cluster" using hive-site.xml ?