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hive DDL for complex CSV type

Hi folks,

Could you please help me in finding hive DDL for following type of records. This is CSV file which contains JSON

Header ==> field1, field2, field3, field4
Data ====> value1, value2, {'field31':'value31','field32':'value32'}, value4

Thanks !


Expert Contributor

Create table using appropriate delimiters as shown in below create statement

# create table complextype(field1 string, field2 string, field3 struct<field31:string,field32:string>, field4 string) row format delimited fields terminated by ',' collection items terminated by '$' stored as textfile;

Create CSV files using appropriate delimiters.

In below sample csv data, fields are terminated by comma(,) & complex data within the field is terminated by dollar($)

# hadoop fs -cat /tmp/complex.csv

Load & query data

# load data inpath '/tmp/complex.csv' into table complextype;
# select * from complextype;
| complextype.field1  | complextype.field2  |             complextype.field3             | complextype.field4  |
| value1              | value2              | {"field31":"value31","field32":"value32"}  | value4              |

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