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hive command shell not opening up with tez


previously i got a container issue, now i resovled that issue by creating a folder but now i am getting a different error saying that the tez session is not running.hive2.png


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Can you run hive with debug options and share log?

-hiveconf hive.root.logger=ALL,console -hiveconf =DEBUG


@pk reddy

When you encounter Hive Cli fails to start with the message "TezSession has already shutdown."

1. Open Ambari.
2. Go to TEZ / Configs / Advanced tez-site.  or use fileter property "tez.history.logging.service.class"
3. Locate the configuration " tez.history.logging.service.class".
4. Replace the value 
              with the new value: 

Then restart all the stale configs

Please revert

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