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--hive-drop-import-delims parameter is not working

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Using sqoop i am extracting data from teradata and loading in hive,in teradata there is only 100 rows but in hive i am seeing 110 rows ,some null values are loaded.when i reseach on this issue i came to know that issue is because of string columns in table and it will resolve by adding --hive-drop-import-delims parameter but i am getting below error when i add --hive-drop-import-delims parameter in sqoop job.Please help me on this issue




17/03/28 04:14:28 ERROR tool.BaseSqoopTool: Got error creating database manager: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Detected incompatible parameters: Unsupported parameter: --hive-drop-import-delims

at com.cloudera.connector.teradata.options.OptionsCompatibility.throwIllegalArgumentException(
at com.cloudera.connector.teradata.options.OptionsCompatibility.unsupportedArgument(
at com.cloudera.connector.teradata.options.OptionsCompatibility.check(
at com.cloudera.connector.teradata.TeradataManager.<init>(
at com.cloudera.connector.teradata.TeradataManagerFactory.accept(







According to this link:


These options should only be used if you use Hive’s default delimiters and should not be used if different delimiters are specified.

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i am using only default delimeters .

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Can you please post the code of how you are mentioning the default delimiters. There is an additional parameter you need to specify along witht the --hive-drop-import-delims. So post seeing the code we can provide a solution.