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hive local accumulo on cloud

hive local accumulo on cloud

New Contributor

We have accumulo running on a smallish cloud.  We would like to implement hive as an SQL front-end to accumulo.


* We are concerned that running hive on the cloud will reduce the overall response of accumulo.  Would this be a significant issue?

* If an issue,  is it possible to run hive on a server separate from the cloud?

* If possible, would there be performance issues?




Re: hive local accumulo on cloud

Master Guru
If you can restrict your YARN configurations to not use too much VCPU and Memory, you can control Hive from affecting your Accumulo latencies.

You can certainly run Hive+YARN on another cluster and access Accumulo remotely, if even a slight disturbance to your latencies (by account of other processes, i.e. MR2, consuming some machine resources) is not tolerable.