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hive metastore files not found for hive table

Master Collaborator

the table name directory is there but not any underlying files ?

Logging initialized using configuration in file:/etc/hive/
hive> select * from employee;
1001    Kapil   B.A     11000.0 HYDERABAD
1002    Vasu    LLB     9500.0  CALCUTTA
1003    Satyam  ENGINEER        11000.0 MUMBAI
1004    Vani    SOFTWARE        9500.0  DELHI
1005    Siriniva        B.COM   11000.0 NAGPUR
1006    Neelesh B.ED    12500.0 MUMBAI
Time taken: 1.297 seconds, Fetched: 6 row(s)

[hive@hadoop1 ~]$ hdfs  dfs -ls /apps/hive/warehouse/employee
[hive@hadoop1 ~]$
hive.metastore.warehouse.dir  /apps/hive/warehouse


@Sami Ahmad

Execute this to get complete metadata details for this table:

describe formatted employee;

This will give you the location as one of the values which will tell you where the underlying file is located.

From there, we can get further hints.

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