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hive select query Vertex failed on socket timeout exception


hive select query Vertex failed on socket timeout exception

New Contributor

I use hive query to select on huge data but i get following vertex failure issue.

Exception: ERROR : Status: Failed
ERROR : Vertex failed, vertexName=Map 2, vertexId=vertex_1546436856663_235080_3_01, diagnostics=[Task failed, taskId=task_1546436856663_235080_3_01_000208, diagnostics=[TaskAttempt 0 failed, info=[Container container_e13_1546436856663_235080_01_001729 timed out], TaskAttempt 1 failed, info=[Container container_e13_1546436856663_235080_01_002315 timed out], TaskAttempt 2 failed, info=[Container launch failed for container_e13_1546436856663_235080_01_002809 : Call From to failed on socket timeout exception: 20000 millis timeout while waiting for channel to be ready for connect. ch : java.nio.channels.SocketChannel[connection-pending]; For more details see:  <a href=""></a>

can you help me to fix this.

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