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hive shell is not being invoked


when i try to invoke the hive shell in the command line it is not showing up. error is popping up with an exit code = 1, tez session not running, and exception in the container launch. hive.png


@pk reddy

When Hive Cli is invoked, it initializes a Tez application. Seems like the AM container launch has some issues. Check the Resource Manager log for the same.

To launch Hive Cli without Tez session initialization, try either of the below commands:

hive --hiveconf hive.execution.engine=mr


hive --hiveconf hive.server2.tez.initialize.default.session=false


i am able to invoke hive usign mr but i want the exec engine as tez, even i tried to use the tez engine after invoking hive by setting set hive.execution.engine-tez, it is still not working.hive1.png

@pk reddy

Please check /tmp/<user_name/hive.log and also, RM log for issues with respect to tez session launch.



i was succesful in launching the tez engine but now i am getting an error of java lang runtime exception : java outofmemory : java heap size. i tried giving some more memory for the java heap size but it still the task is failing. indhu

Rising Star

@pk reddy give enough memory to tez AM container.

@pk reddy

When is the OOM issue seen, during the launch of Hive Cli or query run?

Try below hive --hiveconf hive.tez.container=4096