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hive table not getting created importing data suing sqoop from postgres

I am trying to import from postgres using sqoop into hive but table is not getting created however data is getting loaded into hdfs under user directory .

sqoop import --connect jdbc:postgresql://<psoitgresserver>/demodb --username user1 -P --table company --hive-import --create-hive-table --hive-table --delete-target-dir

data gets loaded under /user/<userid>/tablename but table is not getting loaded into hive . I have tried the command with --verbose and see that it tries to load as well create the table . however when I manually create and load the table it works.


Expert Contributor
@Anurag Mishra

Not sure if you are still seeing this issue, but to know what has happened, I would need complete sqoop logs output (verbose if possible) and hive.log file as well from the /tmp/<username>/hive.log after the run.

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