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hortonworks / hive-testbench

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hortonworks / hive-testbench


1, no database created, but directory and files created in HDFS/hadoop ok

2, SQL scripts have "time" as a data type - HIVE does not support, do I need to check all the others too?

3, readme states use Apache Hive 13+, official HIVE page says latest version is 2.3.8!?

4, java is required but not stated in readme

5, STEP 6 states: hive -i testbench.settings - cant see file or directory for this param and command suggested fails anyway.

is this some "hortonworks" specific environment thing or should this state that it will not work outside of hortonworks? or is that implicit from the git repo name?

sorry for the noobie questions but not clear to me and I failed to load the data to HIVE.





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