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host inspector process failing

host inspector process failing


While creating Diagnostics data to send to cloudera 2 servers failed to run the host-inspector process. The reason being lsof command is got hung. Is it possible to by pass it? if not how to make that work.? what could be the reason for lsof -n -P not working.


Re: host inspector process failing

Super Guru

As far as I know, there is no way to skip a specific command, so it may be good to focus on why lsof is not returning.


You could go to the hosts and run "strace -o stracefile.out lsof -n -P" to try to figure out why it is hanging.


One possibility if you are using CentOS or RedHat 6 is this bug:


Since the problem impacts more than one system, a dead nfs mount could possibly cause this.



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