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how delete yarn application history ?


ambari 2.7

hdp 3.1


When I upgraded from ambari 2.6 to 2.7(HDP3.1), I uninstalled many services in the cluster for some reason. The end result is ZK Kerberos HDFS.

After I reinstall yarn again. After the yarn-system queue is configured according to the document. On the visit to http://<hostname>:8088, i can actually see the previous task record.

When I looked at the yarn log, I found the yarn resourcemanager that said I had a queue for historical tasks that did not exist. And it refreshes every minute. I don't want to eliminate the error log by adding this useless queue。

I checked the hadoop 3.1 document, found that yarn cli provides a `-destroy ` parameters, but after operation, no work.

I want to know why there will be the previous records after the reconstruction, and how can I clean them up?

Thank you for helping me.