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how to access phoenix data from zepplein

I am having my phoenix data in one of the cluster and I want to access using zepplein.



You can refer to this example notebook here

just replace %phoenix with %jdbc(phoenix)

HDP Zeppelin comes with jdbc(phoenix) interpreter for you to use

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@PAVAN KUMAR JALLA, you can use the %jdbc interpreter to access Phoenix in HDP 2.6 and 2.5; use %jdbc(phoenix). Basics (without Kerberos) are similar to instructions for %jdbc(hive), at

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select weather, temperature_string, dewpoint_string, feelslike_string, latitude, longitude, observation_time, precip_today_string, relative_humidity, temp_c, temp_f, visibility_mi, wind_dir, wind_mph, wind_string from current_observation order by observation_time desc

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Also, the following info is for enabling user impersonation with %jdbc(phoenix):

Make sure following the following configs are set up;

  • In HBase, ensure that these three settings exist (if not, then add):       enable phoenix sql       In advance setting:       hbase.regionserver.thrift.http=true
  • in HDFS config, ensure that these configs are set:    hadoop.proxyuser.hbase.groups=*    hadoop.proxyuser.hbase.hosts=*    hadoop.proxyuser.zeppelin.groups=*    hadoop.proxyuser.zeppelin.hosts=*

Make sure the user has access to HBase, which can be verified from "hbase shell", and then running a command like user_permissions.

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Try to search HCC for zeppelin and phoenix keywords. Most of the problems with configuration and common issues were previously covered here. For example you may need to update libraries in zeppelin configuration to get it working with Phoenix:

Zeppelin with Phoenix on HDP

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