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how to configure eclipse for hadoop ?


i have HDP2.5 SandBox set up working fine. i want to set up eclipse for hadoop in my local windows machine so that i build/compile/valide my map reduce jobs and move them to SandBox to run.

Can someone please provide me the steps to configure ECLIPSE for HADOOP ?




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@Venkatanaidu Gullipalli

there is nothing special you have to do. you basically import Hadoop jar files that you need in your maven repository. for example for mapreduce use the following link:

Other hadoop APIs for development can be found here:

Then you just develop. If you would like to connect to your sandbox, then download client configs from your sandbox and use those in your path to run your jobs against the cluster (of course change the ip address from localhost to the ip of your sandbox). Other way is to develop your program an then export the jar and run in your sandbox.

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