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how to customise the kibana UI?


how to customise the kibana UI?

New Contributor

i need to customise the tile-map in kibana visualization.i successfully created a tile-map UI in kibana but when I click on it,it will show only the no of counts (i attach the cover shot of the output in kibana),i want what are the data’s present in that particular location.

For e.g. if you say LA is 500 and if i select LA, then I should see the 500 data in a grid/ tabular form. If I switch another city NY City then the data should be displayed in that grid/ tabular form.



Re: how to customise the kibana UI?

Super Guru

what version of elastic search? kibana?

where is data coming from? Do you have data for all of those cities?

Did you check the Kibana and ES manuals?

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