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how to downgrade storm version in HDP 2.6.4?

Hi all, I have installed Ambari 2.6.1 with HDP 2.6.4 cluster on 4 nodes in which storm version 1.1 is available, but I want storm 0.10.2 to be installed in HDP 2.6.4. How do I downgrade Storm 1.1.0 to Storm 0.10.2 on my HDP 2.6.4 cluster? Please suggest what to do to install storm 0.10.2 on HDP 2.6.4


Super Mentor

@Girish Khole

Normally no one would like to go with unsupported and untested configurations. So it will be recommended to be on the tested component versions while using HDP.


there is some version compatibility issues with application. so want to install lower versions.

@Girish Khole

We cannot install/downgrade specific versions of services in the stack. The only option is to rebuild the applications with new dependencies and make them work with the latest Storm.

I will check if I can make application work with storm with current version of storm. Thank you for your comment...

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