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how to enable Ranger Plugins in HDP2.3

Master Collaborator

hdp23-ranger.jpghdp25-ranger.jpgin HDP2.5 I could see various tabs under the "Config" tab but in HDP2.3 I don't see anything ? (please see the screenshots for both) .

The ranger is installed but its showing all plugins as "disabled" , how can I enable them in HDP2.3 ?


Expert Contributor

Looks like you can enable just clicking on respective service,

If you want to enable for HBase,

Ranger -> Config -> Hbase Ranger Plugin (Just Click on OFF and get on and) -> Save the setting.

Eable same for all like YARN -> Config->YARN Ranger PlugIn(save and Restart the Ranger)


Master Collaborator

please see my screenshot posted or HDP2.3 , there is no such option available for clicking off or on.

what you showed is I think HDP2.5 feature as I can see it in this release.

so my question still remains , how do I enable plugin in HDP2.3 ?

@Sami Ahmad

To enable Ranger plugins for HDP 2.3 take a look at the below link. You will have to click on each component link for the steps.

The method you indicated in the second screenshot was only introduced with HDP 2.3.4 onwards.

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but these steps are impossible to memorize , are they part of HDPCA exam?

@Sami Ahmad

No need to memorize them. You'll be provided with access to these HDP 2.3 docs during the exam.

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