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how to get data from a txt file (lets say from my desktop ) and insert into kafka topic(In avro format) from nifi processor. I am very new to Nifi and egar to learn it, COuld you please provide me detailed process of it.

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@Ankit Singh

-> You can use List+Fetch File/SFTP processors to get the file from your local.

-> Then use Record oriented Kafka processors i.e PublishKafkaRecord* processor to read your incoming txt file
- Configure CSVReader controller service and give the matching AVRO schema.

- Configure Record Writer as AvroRecordSetWriter.

-> Now PublishKafkaRecord* processor reads the text file and writes the data in avro format to Kafka topic.


1.ListFile (or) ListSFTP..etc
2.FetchFile (or) FetchSFTP..etc

Refer to these links for more details link1,link2