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how to implement provisoned server name in cloudbreak blueprint

I like to use in my blueprint dynamic provisonied server names.

For example define in blueprint under ranger-env master hostgroup server name

"ranger_privelege_user_jdbc_url": "jdbc:postgresql://%HOSTGROUP::master%:5432/postgres"

or oozie or hive server names in jdbc parameters

tried few variants, didn't work

I can use IP-s, due I know server will probably provisoned in specific IP always,

but I'm wondering is it a way to use provisioned host names

using cloudbreak 2.7.2


Expert Contributor

Hi @Indrek Mäestu,

For these services you should setup an external DB and CB will inject the necessary configuration:

If you don't specify external Db then CB will insstall a postgresql server on the Ambari server instance and configure these services to use that DB.

I'm trying todo without external server setup, because I dont want add additional server into cloud. It's not only postgres service what I should describe in blueprint, there some other service confs too, which may need servername in bp.

tried different mustache variations, didn't work as I want.

Into AWS provisoned internal server IP-s are 10.0.x.x, not possible use IP in bp.

Problably best option is use localhost in bp, so services, which needs databases, will reside in first (master) server

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