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how to monitor third part web service from nifi


hi all ,

I am working in the system ...where we received alarm form the client ...i want to make the data flow (WORKFLOW) in NIFI where the NIFI will monitor our web service ....i meant when alarm will coming in web app the workflow(of nifi) will trigger and generate the ticket in other web service like servicenow it possible ????

thanks in advance and i'm waiting for your valuable response 


Super Collaborator

It should definitelly be possible.


The main question is how does the alert come in, two common ways:


1. Nifi is listening for a log file to appear

2. Nifi is listening for a HTTP request


In both cases, you can then pick up the incoming message and route and send it as you would do any other NiFi message.


From here you have more options on how to deal with the message, perhaps even conditional to its content:

1. Write to a log file, directory or message bus like kafka

2. Send a HTTP request

3. Talk to any kind of api

- Dennis Jaheruddin

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