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how to perform Data Classification & Tagging with role based in cloudera 6.3 using Navigator

New Contributor

Hi Team,

My requirement is

1)I want to perform data tagging and data classification in my existing environment of cloudera 6.3 which consists of sentry & cloud era navigator no atlas and ranger.


2)After tagging and classification done want to assign that tags to specific user or group to access it.


how can achieve please advise or suggest any tutorial.





Cloudera Employee

Hello, thank you for your question:


1) Within Cloudera Navigator, you can apply metadata and tagging via the Navigator UI or the Navigator API.  Please see the below links for each:


2) Apache Sentry provides only Role Based Access Control (RBAC) policies.  Creating access policies based off of metadata and tags is more commonly referred to as Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC).  Navigator+Sentry in CDH6.3 does not provide ABAC functionality.  You will need Atlas and Ranger available in CDP which can support both RBAC and ABAC policies.  Please see an overview of ABAC in this Cloudera Youtube video on ABAC.