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how to replicate x-pack login features in kibana?

I am using kibana 6.3.1, I need to reuse x-pack login features after completion of 30 days trial pack in kibana. Actually, I understand the code flow of kibana and try to reuse login code. But it is to difficult to reuse that login code, is there any way to approach this.


@Narasimma varman

I am going to assume since you are here at HCC, you are speaking in terms of Kibana + ASF or Ambari. In this environment I believe the Authorization & Authentication options are Ranger or Knox. I have not personally tackled fully investigating if either solution is possible with Kibana and I have not seen anyone else having it completed. Yet...

New Contributor

@Narasimma varman if you don't use Elasticsearch Security then the only way to protect Kibana is with firewall rules and limit those that can connect to Kibana. You could also configure a proxy like ngix and setup user authenication. Otherwise Native Kibana security is only built into Elasticsearch Security xpack license.