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how to reset ambari db password in hdinsight cluster

New Contributor

We are using Kerberized HDInsight(azure) cluster version 3.6 with ESP. Need your help to provide solution.

We need to sync LDAP user with Ambari. But unfortunately, ldap manager password is overwritten, due to which ambari-server sync-ldap is throwing authentication exception. In order to change ldap pwd, we need master key(keystore pwd) to unlock encrypted passwords using keytool command. We don't know master key as well.

In such scenario, we have no choice other than removing encryption entirely as per below url.

Following the above url, how to reset the ambari db password mentioned in the 4th step. Since it's hdinsight cluster, ambari db is mssql(azure sql db). Below are the ambari parameter values in my cluster.

# grep database /etc/ambari-server/conf/







Can you please advise how to login and reset ambari db password in mssql?




@Baskaran Marichetty

I don't have an mssql installed HDP cluster but I think the table names are consistent between the different databases, Mysql, MariaDB, Postgres, Oracle etc.

How to reset Ambari_admin password Check your MSSQL database for the table users by running the below TSQL

select user_id from users where user_name='admin' 

The above will validate the occurrence of Ambari admin user and follow the above link to reset the password. It's always a GOOD idea to take a backup of the Ambari database before any manipulation.

Keep me posted

New Contributor

Thanks for your reply. Please note i'm trying change/reset database password not admin pwd.

In order to do that, if i issue the command ambari-server setup, choose 3rd option as y, we need to provide login credentials for mssql such as hostname, port, database name, user name etc., but these values are encrypted in file as you see in my above post. In such situation, what would be the default values of above parameters? what is the default credentials for successful login in ambari db using mssql?

Please help!

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