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how to reset spark2 interpreter to default settings in zeppelin

dear all,

i have installed hdp 2.6.3 on one node installation for development purpose.

i was following the twitter stream zeppeline tutorial. it was giving some error. i add the following property to spark2 interpreter;


and set the value to


now when i run my code it give some strange java null exception error.

i tried to add arifict like below


i have downloaed and copied the above file in the above path.

now it shows file permission error

Error setting properties for interpreter 'spark.spark2': /usr/hdp/current/spark2-client/jars/spark-streaming-twitter_2.11-1.6.3.jar (Permission denied)

now i want to reset it to default settings. how can i reset the spar2 interpreter to default settings?

thank you