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how to run queries on HIVE LLAP? sometimes stop

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i just enabled hive interactive querying on hdp 2.5.3, i notice hive cli is automaticlaly disabled, i am not able to login regularly with hive cli. I can only do a jdbc login through beeline....

but i am not sure how to run queries on hive llap? how is running a query or writing scripts to run some jobs is done with hive llap?

Please help.


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When you enabled Interactive Query, a new service was started Hive Server Interactive. It has its own JDBC url, that is what you will use when connecting through beeline. You can use -f argument in beeline to run query from a file.

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thanks for the informaiton. How do you use it or run queries? just like hive? how does it work behind the scenes? it will be helpful if you can provide details about it.