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how to select db flavor as Oracle for installation hdp

Dear all,

i want to install HDP on windows 2012. i want to know how could i make available oracle in the db flavor list item.

i have Oracle 12c installed in my pc.


Thank you.



i disable it, but i am facing some other problems which i mentioned in this thread. please guide me.

Thank you


@Muhammad idrees I recommend going to the logs of the associated failing components and look at errors there. If values it's requested are not mandatory, try to skip them. Only fill out required values and leave everything else default

Thank you so much for the support.

i am very confused with the hadoop installation. i see no proper guide for installation. the one which is provided only contain some very minimum steps. for example it never provide proper guidance what to include in some fields. kindly refer to the following images and if possible please guide me. i am stuck here.

what should i put in the SPARK HIVE METASTORE?

What about the LDAP URL? i am not using LDAP, i am just installing it into my personal laptop.




i was looking for something like this document.

actually i was checking an install guide provided with the location from where i was download the Hortonworks for windows, and it was not that much thorough.

i will now read the document and then will come back to the installation as well as to this thread.

Thank you so much Neeraj.

@Muhammad idrees

@Mark Herring

Hi there, This thread needs to be consolidated. I will really appreciate your help to choose the correct answer or post the comment with the issue related to the original thread.


@Muhammad idrees are you still having issues with this? Can you accept best answer or provide your own solution?