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how to select db flavor as Oracle for installation hdp

Dear all,

i want to install HDP on windows 2012. i want to know how could i make available oracle in the db flavor list item.

i have Oracle 12c installed in my pc.


Thank you.



@Muhammad idrees

for windows, I believe your only choice is SQL Server. Oracle is available in the Linux version of Ambari.

MS SQL Server available for Hive and Oozie. Use MySQL for Ranger Install on Windows platform. Oracle is not available as a choice.

See docs at HDP Windows Doc

Thank you so much Ancil McBarnett.

@Muhammad idrees

Please see this

By default, Hive and Oozie use an embedded Derby database for its metastore. However you can also use Microsoft SQL Server. (For details on installing and configuring Microsoft SQL Server, see TechNet instructions, such as SQL Server 2012.)

To use an external database for Hive and Oozie metastores, ensure that Microsoft SQL Server is deployed and available in your environment, and that your database administrator creates the following databases and users. You will need the following information when you configure HDP:

Thank you Neeraj.

Thank you so much for all of your kind replies.

your suggestions were indeed very helpful.

because it is the repositaries, so i plan to keep it in derby for now because i am learning Hortonworks.

but when i click the install button, i receive the following error. i have no mysql installed in my machine and i have never selected mysql in the HDP setup page. why i receive this error and how to fix it?


@Muhammad idrees

download mysql-connector-java*.jar and place in the directory in question. You can download it from mysql website.

Thank you so much.

it worked, the installation proceeds. but the installation failed with error.

the logfile is attached with this thread. could you please guide me accordingly? i just double click on the installation icon of hdp- to start installation.



try to disable lzo in hdfs and retry again or find the lzo*.dll file it is referencing, @Muhammad idrees