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how to split data from one folder at DataNode to 3 new added folders on the same DataNode

New Contributor

I have DataNode storage /hadoop/htfs/data and I have configured and added 3 disks in addition. I mounted these disks as

/data0 /data1 /data2 . Is there a way to move/split data from

/hadoop/htfs/data to /data0, /data1,/data2 folders ?

Thanks in advance


Expert Contributor

Unfortunately this is a Hadoop 3.0 feature, described here:

I don't think you can achieve what you want in the current versions. However, this is not necessarily an issue, as the new folders (/data0, /data1, /data2) will be used eventually, so you won't run out of space.

New Contributor

gnovak Many thanks for your answer

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