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http authentication with AD

Expert Contributor

i got kerberos enabled. all spn's authenticate against local kdc and upn authenticate against AD. I've setup one way trust between ad and mit kdc.

upon login to any host using ad credentials i was able to access hadoop components, but not UI.

any idea how to debug this issue? or any fix?

HDP version 2.5.3



Can you be more specific, what you are trying, what is your browser, what is the error? Configuring your browser to work with Kerberos may differ for different types of browsers, you may want to consult to this doc

Expert Contributor

@pbarna i tested firefox and i did make the changes you specified. issue here is not about the error message, it is how can we make http authentication against ad credentials to access any UI.

I was able to access UI if i login with local credentials, i want to get the same when i login with my ad credentials when i login to domain pc.