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httpfs error Operation category READ is not supported in state standby

iam working on hadoop apache 2.7.1

and i have a cluster consists of 3 nodes


nn1 is the so it is master name node

i have installed httpfs and started it of course after restarting all the services

when nn1 is active and nn2 is standby i can send this request


from browser and a dialog of open or save for this file appears

but when i kill name node in nn1 and start it again

as normal and because of high availability nn1 becomes stand by and nn2 becomes active

so here httpfs should work even if nn1 becomes stand by

but sending the same request now


gives me the error

{"RemoteException":{"message":"Operation category READ is not supported in state standby","exception":"RemoteException","javaClassName":"org.apache.hadoop.ipc.RemoteException"}}

shouldn't httpfs overcome nn1 stand by status and brings the file ?

is that because of wrong configuration may be,or is there any other reason

my core-site is



Explorer alshiekh

Did you resolved the issue? I am also getting the same issue.