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hue fails with impala and kerberos


hue fails with impala and kerberos

New Contributor

when i finish building hue. i meet this problem after i depoly impala in the Configuration file (pseudo-distributed.ini )067A9E2C-1155-4b79-A28F-2CFF1BE888D0.png


hello, anyone else meet this prolem ?



Re: hue fails with impala and kerberos

New Contributor

this is impala configuration 

# Host of the Impala Server (one of the Impalad)

# Port of the Impala Server

# Kerberos principal

# Turn on/off impersonation mechanism when talking to Impala

# Number of initial rows of a result set to ask Impala to cache in order
# to support re-fetching them for downloading them.
# Set to 0 for disabling the option and backward compatibility.
## querycache_rows=50000

# Timeout in seconds for thrift calls


# Path to the impala configuration dir which has impalad_flags file


and i don't know  what's under the catalog  impala-conf ?


Re: hue fails with impala and kerberos

Super Collaborator

Hi @hello_hue ,


Can you try to remove the impala_conf_dir line and see if that helps? Also, what error message do you see from Hue logs?




Li Wang, Technical Solution Manager

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Re: hue fails with impala and kerberos

Super Guru



When you get an error in the UI of Hue when attempting to connect to another resource (like Impala), it is a good idea to review the following:


  • Hue log (usually /var/log/hue/runcpserver.log)
  • The impalad log of the daemon to which Hue is configured to connect (in this case (usually /var/log/impalad/

Use the error in the Hue log to see if anything at the same time is listed as a message in the impalad log.


the impala_conf_dir configuration is used by Hue to pick up some impala configuration items normally put there by Cloudera Manager.  If you are not using Cloudera Manager to manage (start/stop) this Hue instance, then you can configure options as required.


The settings that Hue reads from the impalad_flags file that resides in the impala_conf_dir are:




You can find the logic used when reading the file here:


I just wanted to fill in some of the background of the configuration you asked for, but we still should look at the logs to get some clues as to the failure.


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